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Default .02

Just my .02 with my limited Saleen ownership and what I have gathered over the months....

Small SC pulley, bigger injectors, dual fuel pumps, all point to a car that most likely has a custom tune. I wouldnt go throwing it all back to stock unless you REALLY put it back including the SC pulley

I will 2nd the idea that the car has seen some track abuse, but ultimately isnt that what these cars were built to do? Sure, its frowned upon but not all cars are cream puffs.

I just bought my 02 a couple months ago, it has just over 2,000 miles on the odometer and I have it at the shop doing maintenance and taking care of things the PO did that make no sense (putting under drive pulleys on a SC car) so even though I bought a crazy low mileage car, they all need some love. If you have the time, money, resources, and the car just isnt complexly haggard I say go for it!
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