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IMO, it all sounds shady.
I for sure would have thought a good single pump would handle a pullied saleen sc.
The tune probably does have to stay unless you are going 100% back to stock.

The story about the bumper number is idiotic.
I didn't even know people cleared over the bumper number. They are like $5, get a pile of them and each time they look a little worn, replace them.

I don't think in all my years of being a mustang enthusiast with a friend owning a mustang shop, I've ever heard of a 2v rocker coming undone. Over revving? I'm pretty sure it has a rev limiter.

A 2v and a 4v aren't that different. Most of the same rules apply.

It sounds to me like this car needs to be at least 10 grand below what a nice unmodded well kept car costs.
I like projects, but I'm not fixing up someone else's mess only to land up with a car that cost me as much as a good one would have.

This thing better be dirt cheap.
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