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Just added a few more not 100% updated yet

Originally Posted by JohnnyRingo View Post
Heres what I have so far
2002 coupe: 34 built
02-0040 Torch Red
02-0019 extreme rainbow
02-0013 Torch Red
02-0026 Torch Red
02-0053 Black
02-?? Beryllium (if anyone knows the number of this one that would be great its located in florida is all I know and that its a 2002)
02-0046 Black
02-0050 sonic blue for sale 25k, 23k mi

2002 vert: 20 built
02-0039 Black
02-0047 zinc yellow/black top
02-0041 Torch Red
02-0020 Laser Red
02-0031 Torch Red
02-0062 torch red sold for 36k ...dallas

2003 coupe: 4 built
03-0015 Zinc Yellow

2003 vert: 10 built

2004 coupe: 4 built
04-0013 *Shadow Gray Metallic
04-0155 Black (THIS is the questionable one on ebay from south florida, was it ever 100% confirmed to NOT be an extreme?)

2004 vert: 2 built
04-?? Red (reading thru a thread seen someone posted about a 2004 red vert had burnt to the ground)
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