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My 2003 Extreme convertible holds a special place in my heart and to Saleen history. It's the final '03 Extreme made, car #27, a Lizstick red Speedster with chrome wheels.

What is unique besides the December 2003 build date and January 2004 delivery at the plant to one of Steve's executives who worked for the firm that raised capital for the Saleen organization is this:

The car was built with the SA-20 introduced, 2004 speedster tonneau cover and the 2004 two tone grey/dark grey seats. Window sticker shows MSRP at over $76,000. Quite a chunk of change back then.

I am the second owner of this car, and the mileage is 9806. The car is BONE STOCK. Down to the original tires and valve stems. Still smells new. New modifications besides....ownership! It's an "M and M: car: maximum originality and minimal miles.

It's neat to read the documents in the glovebox. One is a letter saying "congratulations on purchasing the highest performing production Mustang in the world." (They couldn't say that now....) and......a letter regarding the chatter or "dieseling" of the motor due to the forged internals.

My birthday is the 27th, so car 27 is neat to have. The car sits inside my house, several feet away from the last S351 made (car #49, a silver speedster, 7406 miles) and the last Mustang SVO made (red, three miles, leather, unprepped.)

I know you must be asking does the S281 Extreme with 445 hp compare to the Beastly 495 hp S351? The Extreme is easier to drive and more refined. The S351 makes small children run to their mothers because of the loudness. Yes, the S351 is more rorty, a real bastard in its own right. But, make no mistake, the New Edge Extremes are just that:

Extremely rare, extremely fast, and when new, extremely expensive. It WAS the ultimate Mustang made between 2002-2004. People tend to lose track of that.

Unless they own one!

Regards, Gerry, owner of 20 cars, including 4 SVO's, 4 Saleens, 2 Porsches, and 7 Dodges. Oh, and an SVT Focus as a daily driver....
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