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Originally Posted by JimIII@JDM View Post
I understand where your coming from with the pricing, it isnt a cheap kit. But what you have to understand is we have a ton of cost and overhead into the kit. The price drop i was able to get is cutting down our profit margin to almost nothing. I will see if there is anyway i can get plugs included in the kit. Im not a fan of brisk plugs at all and will not sell them with our kit. I will only use autolite HTO's gapped at .030". I know they work great simply becasue there has only been 2 sets in our truck with over 60 K miles on them! the first set remained ungapped for about 20000 miles. Then we changed to a set gapped at .030" for nearly 40K miles now and have never had a single issue. That is with 13 psi boost, racing, race fuel, towing, and every day driving.

Please dont compare our kits on price the troyer kit does have a cheaper air intake setup making the price easier to work with. Ours is much more expensive and will handle over 500 RWHP!


Understood and well said Jim. Have you had bad experiences with the Brisk plugs or do you just prefer the ones you are using because they are tried and true?

When is your beast going to make 500rwhp?! Thats what I want to see! I think that it is feasible with your kit and a stage II cam swap. Do you think the internals on these stock 3 valve engines will hold up to that kind of punishment (500rwhp) ? I am nominating you to be the one to see what what HP level these engines go boom....
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