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I am definitely interested in upgrading my performance, however I am having a hard time deciding between JDM or TP. If you go strictly on reputation in the industry, then of course JDM wins. That being said, the level of both attention and information that I received from Mike whenever I inquired about his setup left me speechless; top notch to say the least. To be perfectly honest, I have had issues even getting responses from JDM on more than one occasion regarding part inquiries for these trucks. Additionally, when it comes down to it if both kits are making the same gains and neither offers any warranty coverage, why shouldn't I base my decision on price? Because one is prettier???

I also find it odd that JDM's kit would come with a Roush intake? If I wanted a Roush intake I would have purchased a Roush truck. It doesn't take $400 worth of R&D to bolt-on a part that someone else manufactured.

All quibbling aside, these kits seems to be nearly identical and everyone except for Mike and JimIII is willing to make that point. That being said, I have now seen a photo of the JDM kit, does anyone have a pic of the TP kit?
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