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There is a picture of the Troyer kit installed at the 2006-2008 forum. I will try to get a picture of mine premitting.

You are correct that both kits are putting up the same numbers. They do look different. The Troyer kit is a no frills, CAI with a polished stainless steel tube. The JDM kit does, indeed look more stock. It boils down to what you want your underside to look like and the level of effort you are willing to exert to install.

THe TP kit is $1200 now (If I am not mistaken). The JDM kit group buy is $1399. THe JDM kit does come with a new belt and more "parts." THe TP kit now comes with plugs....or thats what I am told.

The troyer kit does leave the "ears" where the stock air box bolts exposed. This does look a little strange, but it is an easy fix (will post pics if I get parts this week).
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