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Originally Posted by 1966-Galaxie View Post
Finally got my Stage 1 kit from JDM and have it installed. Wow, what a difference !! The stumbling and hesitation at cold is GONE and when you hit the throttle, you can actually hear the supercharger and the performance is a big improvement !!

I am into having a car or truck as stock as possible, so to really make the engine compartment look "stock" I have had a new aluminum nameplate made to replace the one JDM supplies ... not that I wouldn’t be happy to let anyone know the kit is from JDM, but I could not resist making the engine compartment look stock. I modeled the nameplate after the one on my '03 Harley F150. Have included some photos below showing the install and the replacement vs. JDM name plate. I have a few additional nameplates I am planning to put up on eBay, so stay tuned if you are interested.

I know there have been a lot of posts based on the pros and cons for the JDM and Troyer kits, but my experience with JDM pre and post sale have been very positive. I’m sure the Troyer kit is great as well, just wanted that stock look.

Here are some pictres of the install ... the last photo is of the nameplate JDM delivers with the kit ... the first three are with my modified nameplate.

That sticker looks really good in place there actually! I understand about wanting to keep a stock look and that is certainly what this kit provides along with some good power too! Glad to hear your enjoying the new setup and let me know if there is anything we can do further!

Team JDM, the Saleen Speedlab center!
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