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Default Install Videos on JDM website

I was just watching the install videos on the JDM website. April can't come soon enough. I am pumped about getting back to my truck and finally getting some time behind the wheel. Got the money set aside already for the stage 1 kit. I plan on getting that and the mosaleen idler set up haven't had a chance to measure the water pump pulley to see if thats correct or not; and probably the 4.56 gears (although I'm not going to even begin to attempt to install those myself). Anyway, just thought I'd put that out there about the vids.

Off topic but I've been seeing a few more than the usual s331's up on ebay. Sad to see people having (or choosing) to get rid of them already. I still love just looking at them, but then again I've only been able to put a few thousand miles on mine and I'm across the pond from her.
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