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Default Saleen f150 (325 hrp)

Thanks for the tip on downloading this performance site. I'm happy with the handling on the truck after I had it aligned, apparently these 23 inch mags are hard on the ball joints and the tread on the inside of the front tires wear a little bit if you don't keep an eye on them.

The braking seems okay, yet I don't have the optional upgarded brakes, but once new brakes are needed, I might upgrade the rotors and rubber brake lines like I did with my Cobra Mustang Convt. It's an in-expensive upgrade and improves matters well enough for my tastes.

As far as the engire performance, it does appear that it needs to breath a little better, so this kit makes sense.

Ok, keep in touch and let me know how your upgrades go later in the yeear.

2007 Saleen f150 # 26. Mark.
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