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Default Product reviews & heads-up comparisons

Originally Posted by 06SaleenExtreme View Post
You can read the sports page off the reflection of your door. The car looks awesome!

Haha! Thanks Wyatt! A lot of hard work went into polishing it, but ODK Waxes was the cherry on top and took it to the next level.

Here is Dan - ODK Waxes - Facebook: He is an awesome wax maker and is very passionate about his wax. He is located in England, but is trying to his name out there in the states. I helped him get some samples to some guys on another forum and just for helping him out he sent me my very own personalized wax, his popular Chocwork wax, and a pre-release jar of his upcoming Sterling Wax. I didn't even know he was going to do all of that, he is truly a great guy. He honestly made me a fan for life. He will make anyone their own custom wax if you get in touch with him on Facebook. Not sure how much it would cost, but I know his waxes are very fair priced for what you receive.

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