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Originally Posted by XxBoostinxX View Post
Poorboys will win the durability hands down. Pinnacle will look better but I don't think it will out last Nattys. Plus it's hard to beat the price.

I have plenty of waxes if anyone is curious about some: Dodo juice supernatural, Wolfgang Fuzion, Dodo juice Purple Haze, Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub - Golden Edition, Pinnacle Souvern, Obie Dan Chocwork, Obie Dan Sterling (not released yet), my own personal and hand poured Obie Dan Wax, and I think that's about it...

Anyhow, I am a huge fan of the Dodo Juice line and of ODK Waxes. If you are wanting a wax that will just make your car glow, look out for ODK Waxes Sterling. Dans wax is a little bit more "oily" but it truly brings out the clarity of the paint
I like Natty's... Except for its tendency to deepen colors and mute metal flake. The depth and wetness of its look is great otherwise... and it is cheap and easy to work with.

But overall, so far, Mothers carnauba is my top recommendation. It's very affordable and the looks are fantastic. Its appearance is crystal clear and the shine is great. It won't hide imperfections, but it will let the true brilliance of the paintwork shine through. For a car with rough paint, something with swirl hiding and color smoothing/darkening properties is good. But if you're dropping $1000s on a show quality paint job or spending hours leveling and polishing the paint to perfection, you don't want some wax full of fillers and stuff changing the looks of all that.

I am excited to see how it measures up to the $100 Pinnacle Souverän. I need to get my hands on some more Zymol, as it had a very similar look to Mothers for way more money.

On the sealant front, I have not used Mothers Synthetic Wax liquid or BlackFire Wet Diamond before... So it will be a fresh impression on both products. The last time I used it, my impression of Mothers FX SynWax was that is has an interesting look, and I look forward to using it some more.
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