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Originally Posted by Coderedsaleen View Post
So in what order do you apply the wax, sealants or other stuff to get the deepest shine. I just ordered some Natty's Red.
Wash, clay, wash again, prewax cleaner, glaze, sealant, wax.

If your car doesn't need a clay, then skip clay and the second wash. If your paint needs more correction than a glaze can hide, skip the glaze and instead add a polishing step... Then sealant.

Most sealants should be allowed to set overnight before the application of a carnauba wax top coat.

You can also get products that combine two or more steps in to one. Cleaner waxes, for example... Some do simple prewax cleaning and leave behind a wax coat. Some waxes are loaded with fillers and basically combine a pure wax and glaze in one step. There are also "waxes" that combine sealant with carnauba wax.
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