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Default I know this is an old thread, but I have to ask about that suspension setup.

I'm running a 420S myself and I've made a few mild modifications myself so far but have yet to tackle anything with my suspension. As I am not an original owner (bought my black 2009 420S used in 2012), it's been difficult to find any information as to exactly what the vehicle has modified on it above the GT base it was built on.

Do you have any info as to the suspension upgrades you've done as I'm looking to start making some changes there in order to increase its stability and cornering. Those mods you have done there not only look bad-*** but I imagine it really ties down that back end to keep it in a straight line when lighting up the tires. I'm really looking to do the same as there's no quicker way to destroy a Mustang than to let that rear end swing out from behind you.
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