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Finally got around to using BlackFire Wet Diamond. I applied a single coat to my girlfriends GTI. No prep work prior to application other than washing. The car is in desperate need of clay and prewax cleaner, and at minimum a polishing. Fairly heavy contamination and swirls. However, due to time constraints, this was simply a wash & wax.

- I applied by machine for this product. The bottle indicated hand application was an option.
- the product is very watery. I imagine it would be very easy to over apply
- due to its watery consistency, the product soaked in to the applicator pad very quickly and easily, rather than sitting on the surface.
- a little goes a long way. A nickel sized amount was adequate to cover half a hood or entire quarter panel
- it was extremely easy to get a very thin uniform coat during application.

- the instructions said to do a panel at a time, allowing the product to dry to a haze before removal
- I found a thin layer would dry to a haze very quickly. A couple minutes was more than enough time
- removal was very very easy. Virtually no residue or powdering, and came off buttery smooth with a microfiber and minimal pressure.

- the product contains some fillers, as the bottle advertises the ability to diminish the appearance of swirls. I found this to be accurate.
- the overall looks is very wet and shiny. Giving the impression of wet clear coat, but not a deep depth or darkening of color like you'd get with a carnauba wax.
- the look was also crystal clear. The metal flake pops and is not muted at all.

- the application and removal was some of the easiest of any product I've used thus far.
- the look is very nice. If you want the natural color of your paint to shine through, this is an ideal product.
- also ideal if your paint is heavy on metal flake, as it is allowed to really catch that light and pop.

I will definitely be using this product again.
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