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Default OTC Synthetic Polymer Sealants heads-up

So i thought i'd start off by comparing 2 popular, readily available, synthetic polymer sealants.

Meguiar's Tech Wax 2.0 vs Mothers FX SynWax

So i'll start of by saying both products are nearly equal in price, and both smell fairly terrible. That being said, on to the important stuff.

-Both products were easy to apply.
-I found the Synwax a little easier to apply a thinner, even layer.

-Both were fairly easy to remove IF applied thin and not allowed to dry too long.
-If the situation is not ideal; (Working in direct sunlight, product dries excessively long) The Mothers Synwax is much easier to remove in bad conditions and is much more forgiving to lengthy drying times.

-I found the Techwax to have a more glossy "wrapped in plastic" look. Great reflections.

-The Synwax on the otherhand was able to pull off a little depth, similar to a carnauba. I would say it brought the color out nicely and almost made the red car i was working on look saturated.

-The Tech Wax produces great water beading, and lasts a looooong time if maintained with a quick spray detailer like Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer. 4 months after my initial application, the car was still shedding water quickly enough to make washing it difficult.
-I can't say too much about the Synwax as it hasn't been on a car i've worked on for longer than a week at this point. So i'll update this section at a later date.

Conclusions: Both products performed great. But for my money, I'd continue to go with the Mothers Synwax IF it's protection shows decent longevity. It performs great in non-ideal conditions and looks rather unique for a synthetic polymer sealant.
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