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Default Q: Saleen tune and airbox? - Improvements

So i recently purchased a 2014 s302, 14-051, with only 10,000 miles! I am loving this car but do have a couple questions about it.

First off, the tune. Is the stock saleen tune good? I feel like it might do better with a more aggressive tune, and would like your input.

Pretty much the same question about the saleen cold air intake. Would i be better off with a more open cai like the k&n?

Side note, the tires... i read on american muscle, no mustang was designed to take over 9" wide in the front, whereas mine are 275/35/r20 on the front and 275/40/r20 on the back. Which equates to about 10.8" wide front and back. Are these the stock tires and rims that came with my car? I found an entire list of stock sizes for all years makes and models and dont see any that came with 20 front and back stock.

Any input is appreciated, so stoked to be an owner of such a sexy car!
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