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I do not know much about wheels and/or tires. We have many posts on the forum (2005-09 era data will also be relivant to you) with regards to the various tires people have placed on S197 Mustangs.

Forum user s302yl20 is our resident fan of 2010-14 Saleen Mustangs.

If you want to keep a "Saleen look," Saleen Performance Parts offers two wheel designs for your 2014.

One: The 20x9" (Front) and 20x10" (Rear) "Secca" wheel. This wheel came to market around 2015; this is a Saleen designed wheel. It features thinner spokes than the Boss 328 wheel and has a flatter outer lip.

Two: The 19x9" (Front) and 19x10" (Rear) "Heritage Minilite" wheel. This wheel came to market in 2014; this is a Saleen designed wheel. It was OE on the Saleen/George Follmer Edition and very similar to the 2007 Saleen/Parnelli Jones wheel. This wheel is a current option on 2015-19 S302 White Labels and Yellow Labels.

Each wheel design "may" come in various colors/finishes.

*Silver painted
*Black Chrome

The 19" wheel may also come in a grey painted and black or gunmetal painted.

Forum user Saleenlvr is a/the Saleen Performance Parts representative on our forum.
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