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Wink New owner excited about the White Label 302 5.0L #0028 I traveled to CA/Saleen to pick up my car on April 16, 2016. I was given a complete tour of their facility by Derek Hall, their director of sales, except for their R&D development building. Derek said that the new version of the S7 was under prototype development and couldn't be seen. It will be introduced later. They were extremely hospitable during my visit and answered all my questions. Their warehouse was completely filled with Mustangs waiting to be completed! It was not a small warehouse either. According to Derek, they were working feverishly to get the cars completed. There was a mixture of White, Yellow and Black label cars in all colors. He said that they had recently received an influx of capital committed to helping their production schedule. Now that Steve in in charge of the company's operation again, their seems to be a real effort to bring the sales back into line with historical numbers. I did spend 10 minutes speaking directly with Steve as well. I can only comment on my personal experience guys, but it took Saleen 2 months to complete my White Label. It took 2 months for the local Ford dealership to receive the car from the factory. They seemed to have a good working relationship with that dealership. I did talk with their sales staff during the waiting period. They have a dedicated guy who handles all the sales of Saleen Mustangs placed with that dealership. I will say that I did have to pay for the car directly to the dealership and not through Saleen. I did not have any problems with doing it that way. All the paperwork on the sale came directly to me from the dealership overnight. Very professional. Remember, if you order a car in CA it will have the CA omissions. There is no getting around that. I tried it and it didn't work. All in all I was favorably impressed with the entire process. Did I get impatient at times or afraid, I must confess it did cross my mind but when I visited their factory it made me a believer. Are they struggling with capital? I believe they still are, but Steve is turning it around slowly but surely. BTW, I did speak with Kenny Bell tech folks in regard to adding a supercharger. They seem to have a seamless working relationship with Saleen. As far as standing by their product warranty, I feel comfortable that KB will. They have been in business for decades! Working quickly might be another issue altogether Peace - out !

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