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Default confused on friction modifier and torsen diff ????"

I am not sure what a torsen diff is? I thought PJ's were all the same
as far as differentials were concerned.The red line diff lube 75w90 or
75w140 states it is one of the few diff lubricants that has friction modifiers
already added which poses the ??? do you still add Ford friction modifier
or does that pose a problem.Maybe I am a little anal but these PJ cars
seem to have a lot of different schools of thought among owners concerning what is correct and what is not. I run Castrol full synthetic
5w30 eng oil 6 qts per saleen manual some members say 10w30 10w40
etc.I love the car and want to maintain to my best ability.In no way am I
criticizing the members.This is a great outstanding forum that I enjoy.I
guess when you own a limited production specialized vehicle.In the end
we have to make our own decisions on what works and what doesn't.But
it sure is great to have so many knowledgeable members to help make
those decisions. I can ramble on sometimes Sorry
Greg Alspaugh PJ# 415
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