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Default The Texas Mile! - October 22-24, 2010

Folks, it's almost time again for the biannual event that is the most fun you can have in a Saleen (well almost...)

This event has been running for seven years now and for the first time, both the waiting list and the registration lists are both full! So it is unlikely that anyone that isn't already registered or on the now closed waiting list will be able to run, as was the case in the past. Still, if you love cars this event is unlike any other I have been to. You have a weekend of cars and bikes running full out for a mile down an old runway, with a 1/2 mile shutdown and an official set of traps to record the fun.

It isn't really a race, as you run individually, it is more of a personal challenge, man and machine. Sure you get to compare your times, but it is about pushing it and having fun. If you get the chance to go to Goliad, TX this October 22-24 you'll get to see rare and exotics running and (like the Ferraris) some just for show. From 1300 RWHP Lambo Gallardos to Rat Rods with Blown big blocks, there is something for everyone.

Now, there are always a bunch of Shelby Mustangs, and lots of Vettes, but only one Saleen has run as far as I know. I even saw one Roush show up this past Spring. I have met several other Saleen Owners at the Mile, and I encourage you to check it out and maybe I can have the chance to see some other Saleen run!

Where else can you legally and (somewhat safely) wind it out?
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