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I could get 555R's in a 305, but the speed rating is a problem, (not to mention the 100 treadwear!) My car is a daily driver and I need the high mileage 260 treadwear rating!

I was looking at a set of NT05's but the only set I could find was from a guy on E-bay that did not respond as of yesterday, when I asked for a better picture of the tread. So I found two places that had a couple 295/35 Invo's. Not what I wanted, size wise, but I needed the tires this week, and all the other sourcs dried up for the proper speed rated tires.

The 315 will fit with the right brand and model of tire. The 555R is I think a little wider than the Invo and NT05 (which are equivalent to the Pirelli Rosso's in dimension from what I have found). The Dunlop RFT Sportmaxx, rub slightly as they are a little more of a square tread. They are crap for traction though as evidenced by the high volume of trade in used tires you can find. I checked them out on another Saleen owners car recently, and there is only the smallest evidence of rubbing, but it's a traction issue.

I actually wanted the 305 Invo, but they jump from 295 to 315 and the latter are like unicorns right now so I am splitting the width gain halfway from the stock 275. My hope is they will hook sufficiently for my application.

As for the Mile, My friends and I are meeting early (7:00am) in Goliad. Some are staying Friday night, I am going to drive in Sat due to other activities.

I think the San Antonio event looks like a great time, and those guys are great. You will get more curvy roads in SA, and you would most likely not be able to run your car at this late date in Goliad. You won't go wrong either way, but SA will be more interactive I think.

I like hanging out with all the different speed freaks and mixing around in the paddocks and staging grid with all the participants. It helps if you have some friends to pal around with, especially if they have a camper with a bathroom!

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