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Okay, the weekend was good fun with lots of good people. I met a couple guys with Saleen's while I was down there, but there were no others in attendance.

It was hot around 90 all weekend with 20-40 MPH cross/headwinds. Sunday it shifted a little to a straight cross wind, but all the cars were impeded by the heat and the wind. I saw cars that I watched run in March down 20-30 MPH based on conditions.

Lots of good people out there and there was even a Ferarri that ran with his twin Turbo v-12. That machine was smokin' fast. The driver claimed a 220 speed at the 3/4 marker, but dropped it down below 190 for the traps since he didn't pass the 190 Tech inspection (no roll bar installed).

The excitement of the weekend was from a run made by one of the twin turbo Gallardos that pop his chute after a 235 pass in the high wind and got janked sideways going off road and flipping a couple times. The driver was okay according to some of his friends and was spending the rest of the weekend in the hospital for observation with just bumps and bruises. That is why they require a roll bar setup above 190!

There are some pictures floating around and even some video. I just saw the dust in the air and the scramble of the fire crews from my location.

A turbo 'Busa ran 278 MPH early Sunday morning before the heat and the wind picked up setting a new bike record at the Mile.

A blown/Nitrous 'vette ran a new 'vette record of 216, while my buddy ran his Z06 blown 'vette to 215.1 without using the nitrous. These cars have so much power, they are halfway into fourth before they can hammer it! A shredded belt left that run to be my friends last for the weekend as the tuners went back to the drawing board to solve the belt shredding issue.

This was by far the most crowded event I have been too, with both the registration and waiting list being full and closed in 37 hours! Still a great time was had by many with the NASATX folks that put on the event getting better at it every time they host.
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