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I own 07-246 which is also supercharged. With the AC on, the fans should cycle on and off even when the engine is cool. If the engine is warm the fans will stay on. With the AC off, the fans should not come on until the engine is warm.

Also, there is a recall from Saleen regarding the electric fans. If you are able to take it to an authorized Saleen dealer they will remove the electric fans and replace with a belt driven fan. I have had several problems with mine. I have replaced two relays and even the PWM controller. One of the in-line fuse holders completely melted down this week. When I arrived home today one of the fans continued to run after the ignition was shut off and the key removed. I think I am done with the electric fans!

It sounds like your boost and ACT gauges are reading correctly. As long as the truck is moving, my ACT will only read 25-30 degrees above ambient even in 100+ weather.
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