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i bought the induction kit and the power grade which gives an additional 80bhp at the wheels plus it lifts the existing top speed of 100mph to 140mph.
the recalls include a brake hub change if the truck has the optional 15" discs and a wiring loom kit if you are running the electric fans. I opted out of this and went for the mechanical fan as i tow a rally car and they are quieter.
if you speak to Saleen they will help you with any parts needed.FOC.
I have had additional silencers installed to stop the reverberence in the cab. although i loved the sound i have covered 20k miles in 14months and wanted people to hear me on hands free. it's much better. i can give you details of the company in Banbury if you wish. He actually worked for Steve Saleen some years back on his race cars.
If you have not had an import before you may want to change the stereo as it wont pick up most of the radio stations.
Don't forget an oil change every 3k miles and back wheels wont fit the front, (off-set). If you have the brake up-grade the spare won't fit the front, hence you should have a BF Goodrich compressor and puncture repair kit.

any orther queries let me know.

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