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Default New UK owner, please help

I have just purchased a 07 Sallen S331. Its not been used much and has only 693 miles. I am due to collect the truck next Thursday but have a couple of questions. The serial number is 222 and its a supercharged Sportcab.

When the engine is running with the ac on or off one of the fans is permanently running, cold or hot. Is this normal?

Please excuse my ignorance but whilst on the test drive (tight roads no more than 50 mph) the gauges on the pod were showing, left hand boost when accelerating, right hand pod nothing, is this normal?

Finally, the performance compared to my stock Hemi ram seemed poor for 450hp, seen comments on threads about a jdm kit, what is the rough costs and what would you recommend on a budget with little expertise in the UK to install.

Many Thanks in anticipation happy Sallen owner.
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