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Last we knew, there were four (4) 2014 Follmer Editions produced. Excluding the 14-0001 promotions vehicles, the other three were converted late during the 2014 model year.

Yes, 250 were announced for production in summer 2013. In 2014 Saleen Automotive received about thirty (30) 2014 Torch Red Mustang GT coupes to use for Follmer production.

Most of these units were returned to the ordering Ford dealer to sell as stock Mustang GTs. Two (2) are believed to have become SA-30 Editions after a Pearl White repaint, a few became a "special" discount 2014 S302 White Label offering, while others became 2014 S302 Yellow Label models.

An enthusiastic Saleen gave us the VINs for the 2014 Torch Red Mustang GT batch and we have copies of all their Ford window price labels for posterity.

The 14-0001 promotions vehicle was the lone GF Edition to feature the unique GF rear redesign treatment. The #01 car also ran 2007 PJ wheels and Saleen design 2007-09 rear window louvers.

Production vehicles ran a unique GF wheel, used off-the-shelf rear louvers and White Label trunk insert panel.
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