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Originally Posted by 39Mustang View Post
These are great cars and I did see one in person and when I heard only 4 were built I was shocked. I was dealing with a serious unknown health issue otherwise I would have bought either the SA-30 or the Follmer Edition. I been searching for a specific numbered Dan Gurney Edition #39 or #13 or #8 or #68 in Vista Blue or Red. In 2017 #10 Saleen SA-30 was For Sale but I just bought a house and had another one For Sale while moving 8 Mustangs across country or I would have bought it! I am one of the lucky owners of the 2019 Saleen SA-35 Editions but still looking for a Gurney even an 89 SSC as just getting back to owning some Saleens.

If you know anyone who is looking to Sell their 88-93 Saleen Conv.'s please let me know

Great Saleen you got there I would like to see Saleen offer PJ/Gurney/Follmer editions again as the newer Mustangs are just far superior to the 2007/2008 and 2014
Not superior to #001. Mine has a special motor in it the others don't !
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