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Okay, so I finally got to use Zymol Route66 wash on my daily driver Camaro. First, check out the size of these bottles. On the left is the Route66 wash, and the right is the Route66 spray wax. Despite the official images on the Zymol website making the wash look like a much bigger bottle, the reality is right there in front of us.

At $25 for the pair (Route66 wash and spray wax) these products had better be highly concentrated. I'd guess the wash is maybe 12-16oz, and the spray wax is maybe 8oz. The bottles are pretty much plain. Only the Route66 logo. No instructions or other labels of any kind.

Anyway, on to the review.

- I washed the car using both a bucket, and my foam gun.
- I used about 20 pumps of Route66 wash in a 5 gallon bucket, filled to around 3.5-4 gallons. Around 10 pumps was added to the reservoir of my foam gun.
- a Meguiar's microfiber wash mitt was used for all cleaning
- when filling the bucket with a strong stream of water, the wash seemed to foam up well
- despite the initial high amount of foam, very little foam made it to the car. The suds were also very weak from my foam gun.
- even with a lack of suds, the wash seemed to do the job rather well.

- due to lack of suds, the layer of wash on the car seemed thin, and was prone to drying out rather quickly
- the film left behind if allowed to dry looked awful, but rinsed away easy enough
- after a quick rinse, the car didn't seem to easily water spot, and drying was relatively quick and easy.

- after washing and drying, the car looked pretty clean. I wouldn't say "just waxed" or exceptional in any way.

- I'm not sure what the issue was, regarding lack of foam/suds. Perhaps next time I use this wash, I will use quite a bit more.
- despite the issue with suds, the wash got the job done. The wash mitt seemed to glide over the paint, lubricated quite well by the wash.
- All things considered, depending how much more product I would have to use to produce satisfactory foaming, the look, and price for such a small bottle, I would not recommend this wash unless you just enjoy having a lot of detailing supplies.

I'm hoping the Route66 spray wax puts on a better show. Perhaps the overall price of the Route66 kit went in to the spray wax, and the wash is more of an afterthought.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I didn't stop to photograph the car after washing and drying, as I moved right in to claying so I could apply my wax while the sunlight was still with me.
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