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For my third heads-up review, I'll be comparing Mothers Sealer Glaze and Poorboys BlackHole Glaze.

Both products are reasonably priced, though the Poorboy's was easily almost double the price of the Mothers depending on where both are purchased. Mothers Sealer Glaze is available in most autoparts stores, while Poorboy's Blackhole is usually only available through online retailers or direct from the manufacturer. Mothers has a more chemical smell. The PB Blackhole had a strong grape smell, which lasted throughout application and removal.

- Both products were applied by hand for this comparison. Hand application is not ideal for a glaze/polish product, but both products indicated hand application was an option.
- Glaze products perform best on dark colored vehicles, and in this instance both were applied to vehicles with darker paint.
- Applied by hand, both products went on relatively smooth.
- Mothers Sealer Glaze went on similar to a wax, and required a bit of working in til a shine was seen.
- Blackhole went on buttery smooth, and almost appeared to "soak" into the paint after being worked for a very short time.

- Mothers Sealer Glaze was allowed to dry to a haze (per instruction on the bottle) and buffed off similar to a wax. Slightly chalky but nothing extreme.
- The PB Blackhole was allowed to dry... kinda. Since it had pretty much soaked into the paint, it was hard to tell when it finally dried to a haze. Buff off was simple and did show up on the microfiber towel as a slightly darkened moist spot. I went through many towels during removal due to the product saturating the fabric.

- Both products didn't have as big of an impact applied by hand as they would have by machine. Hand application diminished both of their swirl/scratch hiding and filling abilities.
- The Mothers Sealer glaze had a decent shine and hid some light imperfections. Though i feel when applied by hand, the polishing agents left as many imperfections as they hid.
- The Poorboy's Blackhole left a deep wet shine. Very wet shine actually. Tho, like the Sealer Glaze, when applied by hand it didn't hide any imperfections that i could notice.

- The PB Blackhole was a weird experience to use. The look couldn't be ignored though. It left such a deep wet shine that I was hesitant to apply any protectant over it. (I did eventually apply 2 coats synthetic polymer sealant)
- The Mothers Sealer Glaze did it's job fairly well. It polished in some shine and luster, and made a good foundation for the carnauba wax that i topped it with.
- The Poorboy's BlackHole Showcar glaze, tho twice the price, had easily twice the looks of the Mothers Sealer Glaze.
- Either glaze will depend heavily on what finishing protectant product it is topped with for overall appearance. But judging on the glaze appearance on it's own merits, the Poorboy's Blackhole just looks stunning.
- Considering both products were applied by hand, which is never ideal for a polish/glaze product, I'd consider this a 50% review which i'll revisit at a later date once i've had a chance to apply both products by orbital buffer.
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