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Originally Posted by 1hot281 View Post
Most company's quick detailers, and especially waterless washes, do the same thing as described. Encapsulate and lubricate to lift and debris off the paint surface to be safely removed.

I would be cautious of new companies until they have a reputation... Most of todays popular companies are popular for one of a few reasons.

They're old, which people think means good. example: Turtle Wax -_-
They're cheap. example: 90% of what you'll find in your local auto parts store.
They're actually good. example: Winning at major car shows and concours events.
They're expensive, and people always believe "you get what you pay for."
They're good at marketing and hype.

So, use with caution. Depending on price, I may pick up a few of these products to do a review and/or comparison in my "Product Reviews and Heads Up Comparisons" thread.
I'm personally, not a fan of waterless.... I always end up with streaks and can NEVER get the car the way I want it. But this past weekend the detailer I used for the local car show did an immaculate job with his waterless system.

On another note, I do like your train of thought on products. I am kind of in between the "good" and "expensive" criteria. I think there are great products out there that have won car shows but you do get what you pay for in this industry.
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