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Default Any replacement suspension knowledge out there?

This specific forum seems a bit limiting in responses, but considering there are less than 300 people in the world who care about these cars, I get it...So here is my dilemma in case anyone has some additional and helpful commentary:

My right-rear wheel is hitting/rubbing too often (while others are not) and I suspect I should replace spring and/or shock. I may as well do the other 3 corners so long as I am at it.

In reading this and other forums, most of which are at least 8-12 yrs old, I am lead to believe the original Racecraft was essentially the Eibach Pro-kit which lowers the car 1.4"F/1.5"R. Of course neither of these are available any more so the current depth of my rabbit hole has lead me to the Bilstein B12 (46-181343) which uses the Eibach pro-springs but only lowers the car 30mm which is only 1.2" F/R.

I'm curious if anyone has an idea if this is best I am going to get, OR if there is a system that is a closer matched replacement. Eibach sells nothing on their website. I am trying to keep this car as close to original as possible so not looking for advice regarding better handling, cost effectiveness, etc. My biggest concern is the lowered height and how well this kit will match the 'Racecraft'.

Again, from what i have read I think this is my best bet, but I'm certain there has to be someone more familiar with specs and history of these cars to know what is a 'best fit'. It's very difficult to know exactly what truly was put on the car from Saleen.

An update...I did just find and ordered the Eibach pro-kit off JEGS, and supposedly its still in stock but this will be the second kit I have ordered, the first was cancelled because they did not actually have. I am guessing I will get a similar notice and refund in a day or so. My original question still stands--any thoughts?
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