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And as for the angry part.
I know full well Ford execs were caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of design. mustang is going global, and fact is thats the market they really want to work. Far more $$doe to be made abroad than in the states. sad but true. AND its well known that people overseas do desire mustangs. The notion of a muscle-car and not the exotics theyre use too. even in italy, and germany, poland and russia, huge motor heads abroad. people that want that vintage mustang look. But here in the states its all old hat. so how do you deliver both. well.. they played the middle ground, or played it safe. update the stuff that shouldve been gone decades ago (LRA) for modern refinement. Interior material quality (ditch the cheezy plastics) and a sudo modern front and rear. Dont get me wrong the car is good but unfortunately its all new for them and old hat for us. I was particularly mad at all those who were afraid of change. sure i dont wanna see some probe like reincarnation with a mustang badge, but like the Corvette i wanted to see a leap, not a skip, because with all the talk of slumping mustang sales, its mostly due to the car's looks. a look thats been running since 05!. thats a long time to milk a platform. And imo the last thing we needed was more of the same. Despite what changes happen underneath the sheetmetal if people see the same ol car, who's gonna buy it.. Ford answer.. everyone overseas.
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