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Originally Posted by WickedS281SC View Post
This Saleen has to be one of the worst ones by far - The look is plain and the Horse power is nothing impressive based on older models - I am so hoping on Nov 4th they show a promissing 2010 S281 !!
In the 435S photos, you can see the Tokico shocks/struts sticking out. The question is whether the suspension tuning is out of a FMC/Ford Racing/Tokico catalog or something truly unique.

The 180 dealers might be misleading. The last time the list was went through... you could find listed Ford Dealers that went bankrupt during the financial collapse and others that have clearly stated they will not consider stocking these, or any, tuned Mustangs. Sounds better in print then if you let your fingers do the walking.

Anyway... at $40,000-$50,000 you can still buy a real, left-over, 2007-09 Saleen Mustang at a selection of dealers... with a warranty by SMS Supercars.
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