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Default Roush rear brake kit - additional info

Got this Roush rear kit installed. Some things to keep in mind for each side: Hex head bolts mate the GT anti-moan brace, GT caliper mounting bracket (backing plate), and Roush bracket. Mating Roush bracket to Cobra caliper support bracket, there are 2 allen bolts, one long, one short. The long one goes in the upper hole, and the short one goes in the lower hole which is recessed. All bolts are m12 x 1.75. All in all kit was pretty self explanatory. The Roush rear rotors appear to have the same thickness as my GT rotors, so not sure why the kit requires changing the GT caliper support brackets to the Cobra ones, but looks better because it has that connecting bar on the face side.
Bad part is that these rear rotors are not made anymore. The only replacements that are still made are for the front Roush rotors, but they are not made by Alcon, but made by baer/eradispeed. I have both the front kit and rear kit, so on to the front. All this trouble is worth it to have 14 inch rotors up front when I am done. Hopefully mounting bracket for fronts are same spec as Saleen/Alcon calipers other than to make room for 1 more inch taller rotors, then I can just use the Roush front brackets and Roush/Alcon 14 inch front rotors mated with my Saleen/Alcon calipers, but that remains to be seen.
Wanted to go this route to somewhat maintain originality as my front Saleen/Alcon rotors are no bueno (slots barely visible) and wanted "Alcon" rotors. So, I went with Roush 14's up front and 13 in rear (all Alcon OE rotors). As the age of this thread indicates, this kit hasn't been around new for almost a decade from suppliers, and I jumped on them when I found them in almost new condition. If you are able to find this kit, odds are there are no instructions and install can be daunting. Thought might as well add what I learned.
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