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Default 94 04 rear brake upgrade

Hey all found this product by BAER on AM website. Looks like a new product based off of the old Roush rear brake upgrade discussed in this thread. The only thing different is the rotors don't look vented and they may be 1/4 inch bigger in diameter (13.25") I never measured my rear rotors from my Roush kit before install but are supposed to be 13" diameter. Anyhow I wanted to share as they look awesome being that they are bigger than the 10 inch stuff that are on stock GT's/Saleens and install is pretty straightforward if you are handy. Okay here is the link...the install is basically the same as discussed in this thread for the Roush rear brake upgrade for this BAER/Eradispeed version. Post some pics if anyone gets this kit. I may buy as a spare set as well. Oh yes as a note these will probably only fit GT set ups not Cobra as explained earlier in this thread.
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