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Default Alcon 13" Rear Brake Install with Pics

I've received a few questions regarding the rear brakes on my car. I recently purchased this kit from Stage 3 MS, however the kit does not come with instructions. Its is the Alcon Roush kit with 13" rotors and uses stock calipers. Another member contacted me with a few questions so I thought I would share what I learned during the install.

First a few odds and ends. During my intial observations, I thought no way the ebrake cable will be long enough and no way the brake line is going to work either. Don't be discouraged though, it will work. Here are a few points to consider during your install. Also here are some pictures that I took along the way. These will help you calibrate. Left is drivers side for reference also.


1. Remove old brake caliper

2. Remove old brake caliper bracket

3. Remove old rotor

You will not need these pieces so put them to the side

4. Remove 2 brackets securing the ebrake cable. 1 is on the control arm, and 1 is a small holder with an 8mm bolt under the front of the wheel well. This will help get some slack in the ebrake cable and also alllow you to pull it out of the body about 1 inch. Should be all you need.

**Do not remove the ebrake cable from the caliper. Also do not remove the little coil spring on the caliper. If you do, be prepared to wrestle with it over a few beers. I did that on the first side but I found it was not necessary. The cable does not disconnect very easily and its even harder to get back in. First side took me 4 hours to get together, second side took about 30 mins BTW. Follow these steps for the 30 min per side version.

5. Loosen the "Moan Brace" that is attached to the axle. Its the black bracket behind the hub and looks like it is attached like a muffler clamp. It will need to slide over about 1/2 inch to allow the Alcon Silver bracket to fit between it and the back of the spindle. Pics attached to show this. It is going to slide over as far as it can go and rest against the control arm mount. Its tight but it fits.

6. Clean all mating surfaces with a wire brush or sand paper. Knock of rust so that everything bolts up nice. Also scrape any loose rust off the spindle between the lug studs. This will allow the rotor to seat well. I added grease to the hub so that it would come apart easily later too.

7. Bolt on the Alcon bracket as shown in the pic below. Notice that you may need to dremel the tin rotor shield if it interferes. I had to trim on the drivers side but not on the passenger side.

8. Once the bracket is bolted up, tighten the muffler like clamp on the moan brace.

9. Put the Rotor on. Secure with 1 lug nut to hold it on ther while working.

10. Bolt on the new FORD black caliper bracket supplied with the kit.

11. Install the pads. Grease contact points with the supplied grease. Backs of the pads and slide points as shown in the pics.

12. Compress the caliper pistons. You will need a special tool available from Harbor Freight. Its called a brake caliper kit. The reason that it important is because the rear pistons require rotation while compressing. They do not just compress like front calipers. They rotate clockwise while compressing on both calipers. This is easy with the caliper tool kit, and near impossible without. Here it is for reference.

**Note: When you compress the piston, the brake fluid will push back up to the master cylinder. If you want to avoid pushing dirty fluid back through the system, crack the bleeder valve open while you are compressing. This will allow the piston to compress and shoot the dirty fluid out into a pan. If you do this method, you should bleed the lines after. I recommend this method.

13. Give the ebrake cable a tug out of the body under the back seat. It will move a little; maybe an inch or so. Pull the caliper up and on the pads. Bolt it on.

14. Looks good right? Go have a beer.

15. Reinstall the ebrake cable brackets.

16. I bled my brakes while I was in there to get fresh fluid in the lines. However it was a choice. I never did remove the brake line so please take note.

17. Go out and enjoy your Saleen.

If anyone detects that I missed a step here please let me know. My wife is calling so I am hurrying through this.

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