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Default Ordering a new 2016 302 White Label #0028

I just completed taking delivery of my 2016 #0028 on April 16, 2016. It is normally aspirated
Here is the order process: I contacted Derek Hall in sales. Placed an order with him. Selected all the Ford options I wanted on the car along with two of Saleen options. They placed the order with a local dealer. It took 2 months for the dealer to get delivery due to the Christmas holiday. It took Saleen another 2 months to get my car ready. They did have a delay with one of their suppliers and that caused some of the delay which was not their fault. They asked me if they could show the car at the Ford's Forever car show which is the largest Ford show in CA.
They were very accommodating in taking car of us while we spent the day with the Saleen folks. Steve signed my dash in a signing ceremony with all the pics.
So all in all, I ordered the car on Dec 16th and took delivery on April 16th. Total of 4 months. If you are not a patient person this could drive you crazy. :big grin:
I did do my due diligence on the Saleen company and did spend some time reviewing their financials. I know that investment dollars is an important lifeline for Saleen. Production is starting to ramp up which will help with the bottom line.
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