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Default Replacement parts for SALEEN's (trucks and 'stangs)

I am currently looking at and evaluating a 2007 S331 F-150 truck for sale in TX. Part of my research and evaluation includes the accessibility and availability of replacement parts. I love the SALEEN's, but because of the "Caveat" below, the love is losing its impact.

I understand that many people rely on available parts over many mediums, including eBay for their SALEEN's (trucks and cars). There is a large population of discussion not only here on SOEC, but in many other blogs all over the web of SALEEN owners who are having more and more trouble obtaining OEM parts. It's a darn shame that the current factory is unable to meet the demands for producing them.

Please help me to understand what I don't get -- if there is (or now 'was') an available resource(es) for parts (i.e., the eBay store now closed), doesn't it benefit both drivers and SALEEN to have parts accessible at best overall, to see these amazing beasts out on the road, advertising the brand with happy customers? If vehicles are unable to obtain parts from someone who HAS them, but now cannot offer them, this does not benefit anyone. Please help me understand why this is the case...

I do hope that SALEEN has a working ops plan ready to launch SOON to manufacture and produce the American icon parts here in the US. I myself, and I know many others highly recommend the availability without cease, of what we can get, until this ops plan at the factory comes to fruition. The business that comes SALEEN's way, and the happy customers, is worth more than just business.
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