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Hi Deborhaha. Parts for specialty vehicles can be a difficult to locate and produce. Vehicles from both large and small manufactures have this caveat.

Both Jim and I were part of the Mustang SVO community. This model had replacement parts shortages before they were 10-years-old. I was once the owner of a second generation Taurus SHO. Again, by the mid-2000s this model lost parts support from FMC.

If someone is into specialty vehicles, it is best to keep a private parts stash with items you "may" need. Both mechanical and appearance items.

In a number of cases, demand for Saleen replacement equipment is less than what a production run requires.

The parts you reference on eBay were old production stock from 2007 and 2008 with few exceptions. A number of parts for late model Saleen vehicles have not been reproduced. Replacements are coming from remaining production inventory.

It was believed persons connected to these eBay stores were acting outside of their agreement to sell old parts.

Enthusiasts can purchase replacement parts from Dave and Jarred through this forum until we are informed otherwise.

We do not believe anyone is trying to stop the sale of parts. Rather a reminder to operate within bounds.
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