Thread: S331 Supercharged Q: 2008 S331 Super Crew value?
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I've seen a few in the last couple years.
The last really nice one from PA sold quickly and I think the asking price was 36K. No clue what it went for.

I passed on one that needed the correct front bumper at 23k (there was a bumper on ebay with a different number in white, which both trucks were, I have to assume whoever bought the truck, bought the bumper)

Another with 100k out in cali had the price lowered a few times until I think it was down to 16.5k, rumor was that it had the trans replaced and wasn't really that nice.

There was also a black one, but i'm drawing a blank on the details.

I think it's a case where the people that really want one and have the money pay up for the nice ones and pass on anything mediocre making a huge price disparity.

The supercab market is notably different from the supercrew market.

I still get notifications from sites when any come up, but unless the right one falls in my lap, I've given up on the idea.
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