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Don't try for too much out of those stock powdered metal rods. I blew mine out of the sides of the block with 4000 miles on my motor. I bought my car in 09 and so called heavy modded it with bolt ons. No good at all. 11psi boost, super shaker, 2.8 pulley, lt headers, and gt500 pumps, with 42lb injectors. And supposivley had a "safe" tune. Hahahaha....right. Puff goes the dragon. Good old 5th gear highway blast. No more warranty. Ford just laughed at me. It was right around 480 to the ground. Ran real good the night it blew up. Lol. Stay under 8 psi, stay under 450 to the ground, stay out of boost in 5th gear going over a hundred. You will be much happier. And not have to build new motor like I did. Motor #2 was insain and not street able. 18-20 psi billet rods, and most aggressive head/cam combo that could be bought, all forged, ported blower, and 2in pulley. 702 on the pavement, and capable of more. But I wouldnt suggest it unless you plan on racing only. My specs were listed on the forum I believe back in late 09-2010 if interested. Would have been more happy with 8psi and my orig motor in tack instead of 28k I spent on rebuild. Just my .02 have a great day and enjoy ur racecraft, I miss mine!!
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