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Default Upgrades

I went a little too far with my upgrades: I took my 2008 420S to JDM and had their Stage 3 kit installed and dyno tuned, link here:

It's awesome! And I like to drive it HARD (some people don't really) and took it to Summit Point four times before I finally threw a couple rods. Here's the link, go the end and you'll understand.

Not JDM's fault, I drove it too hard. So I put in a forged shortblock and I'm in the process of doing some suspension mods. It's a lot of fun. My advice is play it safe if your car is a daily driver or just a street car. But if you want something fun, she can be that too. You just need to have a solid plan for the car when you start. Just my 2 cents.

Oh, I can't wait to go back. Now she's got a torque arm, coilovers, T56, and lots more...
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