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Originally Posted by 39Mustang View Post
Sorry but the frontend doesn't scream Performance or **** look at me! There is a whole lotta wasted Grille space down below that could be used my lower driving lights and brake cooling ducts. The NEW Shelby F150 2-door says Holy S*** this is awesome so if I was inside the Saleen Design Team I would revamp the trucks
But I donít think the Shelbys look good, if I wanted a Shelby mustang Iíd buy one not a truck that looks like a mustang. I think the Sportruck looks good the way they are I will agree the lower front valance is big but I like it. In fact I wouldnít have bought one if it didnít have the full ďaeroĒ package. And Iím sure the people who have bought the XR or the 2wd without the package like it that way.
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