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Originally Posted by ex-lawnman View Post
I use a polish { zaino} , but I put 1-2 coats on it a week average during summer .
I enjoy polishing my car , it is almost therapeutic .
Zaino may refer to their product as a "polish" but it's more akin to a synthetic polymer sealant. a "polish" by most detailing product companies definition is a prep product designed to remove micro-abrasions and marring caused during compounding and scratch/swirl removal. Usual a polish is the final step to bring out clarity and get the color to pop, and "jewel" the finish before application of the paint protection product like a polymer sealant or carnauba wax.

a clear example of the steps involved with a polish would be Meguiar's Ultimate line... in which you would use Ultimate compound to buff aways scratches and swirls, then Ultimate Polish to remove any fine swirl damage Ultimate Compound may have left behind as well as bring out the high gloss, depth of color and clarity of the paint, then Ultimate Wax (which is a synthetic polymer sealant) to add gloss, seal and protect the paint...

As for the OP's original question: i usually wax as often as needed. Most high quality waxes and sealants can last weeks with proper maintenance.

You want to avoid over application as some products have trouble bonding to itself versus bonding directly to clean paint. Also, some products have mild "cleansers" designed to clean the paint off during application, but if you're attempting to "layer" or keep applying, you're really just removing the layer you added previously in the process.

The most important steps to having great looking and well protected paint are the good prep (claying, compound, and polishing well) and understanding how you're chosen protectant works best. If it can be layered, curing time, hazing time, etc etc...

Too many layers of any product will also begin to have negative effects on clarity and depth of color.

I'd say, prep, and wax your car with your wax or sealant of choice, every couple days use a quick detailer if it isn't too dirty already. Wash once a week with a gentle soap, preferably one infused with wax or sealant (whichever you've chosen to use on your paint) and after drying (or during drying if the product deems safe) use a spray wax or spray sealant to add to you original protectant and replenish what has been lost over time

With those steps, using products based around a synthetic polymer sealant as the LSP protectant, i was able to go about 4 months between full on details and waxing, and pretty much the entire time, the car looked fresh waxed.

I've since switched to a carnauba wax as my protectant and find myself in need of reapplication far sooner. Even with proper maintenance i would need to clean the paint and reapply about once every 6 to 8 weeks.
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