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Originally Posted by WickedS281SC View Post
CD-2 Engine Detailer is the BEST PRODUCT for your Engine Bay !! My engine bay was always clean anyways, but when I applied this to it, it made it look like it was sitting on the showroom floor w/ zero miles on the beast !! I applied it by spraying on a rag and then rubbing it into the parts you want detailed. It also repells dust, so another plus !!
I tried this product yesterday and thought the same thing about how good it made my motor look. I was going to try to Simple Green that Dave told me about, but when I was out in town I forgot to buy some. I sprayed it on a rag as well and just rubbed certain parts of the motor. The only thing I didn't do was touch any wires and stuff. I didn't get into the "whole" motor, just what I seen on top. I used regualar windex on a rag to clean the body of the car where the motor sits. I didn't know if I could use that product on the painted part. Does that make sense?
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