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Hi! I think the higher asking prices for "former media vehicles" as well as highly optioned 570X production cars come by-way-of a perceived collector angle.

With the commonality of high-horsepower vehicles now days as well as a collection of high performance Chrysler vehicles directly from a dealer showroom, purchasing a 570X becomes more of an emotional process and not that of logic or finances.

If you desire a fast Dodge with dealer servicing or with limited parts support, best to buy a new(er) car.

Is a pre-owned SMS/Saleen 570X worth $40,000.00? Well. There's a chance such a vehicle had an MSRP of 80-100K. Half price sounds fair given the high cost when new.

These 570/570X models are not mainstream. They are fairly uncommon and given this rarity it does become a case-by-case experience when shopping for a pre-owned one.

Yes, one person might be happy with a 37K offer, while someone else may want 62K firm. So, pricing for these vehicles has a spectrum.

Keep in mind during 2011-12 through 2014 there are three levels of 570 as well.
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