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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Welcome to the forums and we hope to be of help to you!

Upfront: I don't know much about the SMS/Saleen 570 Challengers.

Q1: There was an engine supplier change early in the 570 program. I don't know if this had an impact on engine size, but the engine source changed.

Q2: The "X" models are fairly uncommon. Some "X's" are equipped with the optional candy custom paint option. Vehicles with this paint option tend to be the higher priced versions. I've seen high asking prices on the media "X" as well.

Q3: Being plugged into the Saleen vehicle community can assist in finding your desired "X." I would also view the late-model Chrysler/Dodge communities.

The early production SMS 570s were not supercharged. It would be interesting to track the running changes because I have a feeling there are variances from model year to model year.

Best of luck to you.
Thanks for the info Dave, when you mean higher prices on ‘media x’ is this because of the limited production of 570X vehicles compared to 570? Also, Do you think saleen 570x challengers are worth 40k if one were to show up on the market? Because I’ve seen a 570X listed on the internet recently for 69k and there was a apelizious 570X sold in 2015 for 40k. Or are their values dependent on a random scale decided by a seller or general demand?
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