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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Hi! I think the higher asking prices for "former media vehicles" as well as highly optioned 570X production cars come by-way-of a perceived collector angle.

With the commonality of high-horsepower vehicles now days as well as a collection of high performance Chrysler vehicles directly from a dealer showroom, purchasing a 570X becomes more of an emotional process and not that of logic or finances.

If you desire a fast Dodge with dealer servicing or with limited parts support, best to buy a new(er) car.

Is a pre-owned SMS/Saleen 570X worth $40,000.00? Well. There's a chance such a vehicle had an MSRP of 80-100K. Half price sounds fair given the high cost when new.

These 570/570X models are not mainstream. They are fairly uncommon and given this rarity it does become a case-by-case experience when shopping for a pre-owned one.

Yes, one person might be happy with a 37K offer, while someone else may want 62K firm. So, pricing for these vehicles has a spectrum.

Keep in mind during 2011-12 through 2014 there are three levels of 570 as well.
I saw the 2014 Anniversary Saleen challenger and it looked nice, but ended up getting the faster 700hp Saleen challenger 570X for a really good price through a seller and I must say itís way faster than my SRT and looks nice in person. No issues with the car so far which is great.
I was doing further research before the purchase and found on social media sites that had pictures of two 700X 900 horsepower saleen challengers. The owner stated both were made in Canada only though. However, couldnít find any info of the two cars anywhere online, aside from the owners social media account. Iím curious to hear about that cars engine displacement, interior options, and more. Was curious if you knew about the 700x models in Canada?

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