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Originally Posted by LW2009 View Post
I just found that car at the lot and im tempted to buy jus curious as to if theres anything wrong with it or anything i should know about it because if purchased it will be a everyday car.
btw im new to this forum so i apologize if i didnt do anything.
The only thing I know that could be considered "wrong" with the Racecraft Focus is this: If you post pictures in a Focus discussion forum of this car and ask the members what they think, you will get an overwhelmingly thumbs down opinion based on its appearance and the tepid engine performance. Otherwise, you would need to search car forums dedicated to the Ford Focus to find out what are common problems with this model year Focus. FocalJet or FocusFanatics are probably the two best forums dedicated to the Ford Focus.

This car really shouldn't be used as a daily driver; it should be kept as a weekend car, preserved well and driven rarely mainly due to historical reasons. This one-off prototype will likely not appreciate much in value if at all unless you wait 40 or more years.

The only real mods this car needs are a properly done turbocharger or supercharger upgrade on the motor plus appropriate upgrading of the transaxle to deal with the increased power output. If the transaxle is the MTX-75, send it to Terry Haines at Haines Motorsports in Rockford, MI; he specializes in these transaxles and has access to parts that just about nobody else can get in the USA.

Like I said before, I would have bought this car already and be doing the turbocharger/transaxle upgrade if I wasn't already deep into rebuilding my Ford Contour SVT.
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